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wiring problem????

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Hi Guys... I have searched and searched and found little bits of help in numerous places but nothing seems to be working right for my situation, maybe someone can help me further.

First, drivers door controls work randomly... DIC, doesn't show odometer reading, then on random everything goes dead with key stuck... stepping on the break seems to bring her back to life.

I replaced the ignition switch and cleaned TB, and now the lights behind the battery and oil gauge are dim.... so the frustrated me tapped on the cover of the cluster and it seemed to brighten a bit but not totally. (were bright before changing Ignition Switch)

I did a scan and the only read I got was the O2 Sensor so I replaced that, I am stumped as to what could be causing this. I know my girl has super high KM on her and things are starting to fail but she's been maintained very well.

I was thinking maybe there is a short in the cluster somewhere, but I cant seem to find any wiring diagrams that can help me, can someone please throw out some ideas of what I can look for or what might be the culprit to my girl's random shut off???

Thanks so much for any help or diagrams or trouble shooting tips, its greatly appreciated.

One sad mamma :worried:
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Have you checked the passenger compartment ground stud/connection for corrosion .
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