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2004 gmc envoy_slt_xuv
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I recently purchased a 2004 Envoy and when I filled the windshield washer tank, the water poured out.

Thanks to the tips from other posters, the fix was quick and easy.

First, pull out the headlight on the passenger side by sliding the two clips above the headlight up.

Second, fill the tank and see which pump is leaking. The pump on the driver's side is for the front and the one on the passenger's side is for the rear. The pumps look the same but have different electrical connectors, so it is important you get the right one at the auto parts store.

My rear pump was leaking. It slides out--it is held in by a small plastic stud and by a washer at the bottom that provides fluid. The leak is from two cracks on the housing around the impeller for the fluid. It will all be very obvious when you pull the pump.

The hose on the pump slides off.

The new pump for the rear cost about $15 at Autozone for me, just be sure to get the correct pump (a sticker on the original pump labels it as front or rear).

Reverse the procedure to install and in 15 minutes you have a working washer system for a cost of $15, and you do not even need to open your tool box.

Thanks to the great tips on this site that made the replacement fast and easy (I never would have removed the headlight without someone suggesting it).

Upcoming? Fixing a non-functional window in the XUV midgate.
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