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who of you have placed meet dates on the chapter calender, after read this post from jimmy the second time...I think something may be wrong.

Jman423 said:
I don't know if you have noticed yet, because I'm not even sure I set them up right yet, but I've added calendars to the chapter pages.

Unfortunately, they are global throughout the chapters because the plugin doesn't support multiple calendars, but this is still very useful to you guys since this calendar won't be clogged up with birthdays and stuff.

The nearest events are displayed above the discussion threads, and the intent is for the reps and presidents to be able to add/edit/delete calendar entries as needed (related to the chapter).

I added all our meets and then our members birthdays too because I didn't know the calender was global but I don't see any entries from anyone else at all. even going to the other chapter's I don't see the calender, only on my chapter page. which lead me to believe each chapter had their own calender....the calender I see only have my entries and the word easter on it...:confused:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts