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Whining, buzzing, squeaking (AGAIN)

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OK Trailvoy folks

My 07 SS has the Bose nav system. I have an intermitent whining coming from the drivers side front top-of-dash speaker. If the radio is on, the volume control does not affect the noise volume. The RPM of the engine affects the pitch of the nosie. The noise starts usually when I hit a small bump with the passenger side tires, like a road joint. The problem almost always goes away if I stop the truck and get out for a moment, like when I get gas. Then the first bump and it is back. Sometimes the problem will not happen for a week or so. Sometimesit stops when I put the truck into park.

I pulled the console and saw nothing wrong. The on again, off again whining still happens with the console out and the rear (of console) control panel removed (just no rear speakers).

Every time I bring the truck to the dealer the problem stops. This has been going on for 2 years and it is now out of warrenty. After $100 spent, the dealership says I have a blown speaker or have no problem.

I am having NO issues with the back speakers. I tried putting die-electric grease on the rear radio control plug, but it did not seem to work after 3 days.


1) Does anyone else have any ideas? know I am not the only one with this issue, but I cannot get it fixed.

2) If I give up, I will write up the issue in detail. Should I take it to another dealer or a local radio installer like Best Buy who deal with audio issues daily.

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Whining, Buzz noise from speakers


I have an 08 TB SS and I am experiencing the same exact noise from the same location you are! I never had this problem with the factory headunit. After I had installed a Kenwood headunit and Viper Smart Start, I started noticing the whining and buzzing sound.

I only replaced the headunit. I still am using the Bose speakers.

I took it back to the audio shop that did the install. The installer ran some tests and couldn't find the problem nor did it do any whining or buzzing while the truck was in their shop go figure!

The installer concluded that he believes the issue is the BOSE amp must be going bad or there was a bad ground somewhere. He completely removed my head unit and put it back in and made sure anything that may have come loose was tight and in place.

He suggested that I replace the BOSE amp with another one and that should fix the issue. He also said that if i wanted to use an amp by a different brand, I would have to change out my entire speaker system.

It was fine for several months after I had them look at it but the noise has since returned and was buzzing a lot today actually. I am surprised to find other people with the same problem after I did a google search on whining noise from speakers in chevy trailblazers. Theres a lot of threads and posts about this issue.

Im still looking thru them to see if anyone has found a solution yet.

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Hello Chuck1906,

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue with your vehicle. I understand that you are looking for advice from your fellow forum members to resolve this issue. I might not be able to provide you any technical advice but I would be happy to look into this concern for you. Please private message me if I can be of any assistance.

Jennifer T.
GM Customer Care
I had the same issue on with the passenger side dash speaker and my door speaker on that same side quit working. I exposed the amp and put dielectric on the connection and I started working fine. It's only been a few days so we'll see if it lasts.
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