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2006 chevy trailblazer_lt
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I am having a very similar problem in my 06 TrailBlazer. I noticed it before I installed any aftermarket equipment so I believe it is a stock issue. I replaced the Bose 6 disc with a F90BT from Pioneer. I get a whine coming only from the driver's side rear door speaker. I can notice an increase in pitch as I accelerate. The volume can be turned off and I still hear a whine. The speaker also clicks whenever the brake pedal is touched or the turn signal is on. The whine comes and goes, sometimes whining on start, sometimes just randomly while driving and sometimes can be stopped by tapping on the brake pedal. It seems to be connected to the harness on the brake pedal because when messing with the wires, it will click in the speaker and click in the housing for the gear shift.

Has anyone tried the Recommendation from the Bulletin?

Where was the problem for you?

I hear a click in the Transmission Housing, so I may start with option D.

Tired of just turning up volume to fix the problem...
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