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Which models/year trailvoys came with v8s?

I am looking for the best possible swap canidates for my Bravada....

I would like preferibly a swb trailvoy with 5.3 v8 and 4wd.......

The rainier is essentially a bravada......But As far as I can tell it only came AWD,,,,,,,I just swapped my bravada to 4wd.....Smartraks gotta go!!!!

It makes more sense to grab something thats 4wd in case I want any upgraded hardware.....
I want to buy a salvaged v8 trailvoy for my swap and figured that a lwb will be vastly different imo.....

Will I be able to use the i6 front diff tcase and rear diff with the 5.3 engine and trans????

Any electronic issues forseen?......Will the pcm be able to communicate with the trans engine and i6 diffs and tcase????:undecided

Assuming the mounts and mounting locations are different between swb and lwb

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SWB V8 was '06 - '08

IIRC, the I6 models used a PCM to control everything, while the later V8 engines used a seperate ECM and BCM for engine and transmission/transfer case..

Drive shafts would be different lengths

Frames are different (namely the trans mount crossmember, and MAYBE the engine mounts)... There are (4) different frames:
1. SWB I6
2. SWB V8
3. LWB I6
4. LWB V8

You'll want the 8.6 rear end out of the V8 to handle any kind of power.

Like I said in your other thread about this, you may as well literally just put your body on a wrecked (body) V8 SWB frame, and swap computers.


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Then if you wanted to go to a bigger lsx style engine it wouldn't be as much of a problem
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