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I HAVE RETURNED! If only for a day....... :tiphat

Ok, so I don't have pictures of the actual install, but considering I did it in under an hour should testify to the fact that it isn't extremely complex.

Anyways, the siren is the 295SLSA1 100/200 watt amplifier from Whelen with the SP315A speaker, also Whelen. I picked up both from at their warehouse (10 minutes away from home :D)

Had the opportunity to test the system out this weekend on the near-abandoned coastal highways, and for the simplicity and time of the install works absolutely amazing. I will have to eventually find some way to isolate the cabin from the siren tones but that comes later if I ever have some free time again.

I chose the Whelen siren unit simply because I like their tones better than any other manufacturer. Granted, the "simulated mechanical" is kinda cheesy (not enabled by default), and the manual siren wind-up has no wind-down, but I think I can live with it :yes:. My main look-for in a siren was a wail tone that didn't go too high like the cops around Corvallis, they just sound silly; a good horn tone was up there too, but I haven't heard one I don't like yet. The PA also sounds amazing as far as PA's go, I think it's the speaker that makes the difference in quality overall.

Anyhew, pix:
(apologies for the iPhone quality, I misplaced my other camera)

Looking at the speaker through the driver side tow hook. A three bolt installation, literally 5 minutes from box to mounted.

Yes, the unit is mounted to the side of the driver seat. No, the door does not touch it. No, it is not hard to reach, it's actually kinda convenient. Whelen doesn't like to give you install screws for the siren:mad:, but luckily I had some from my cargo box project that work fine:). You might think the panel is too flimsy to mount the siren to but not only is the unit surprisingly lightweight, it also rests on the floor so it's all good.

A better pic of the mount. The PA mic is mounted to the (vehicle)front of the seat control panel and seems to be holding up pretty well so far, even though the panel likes to pretend it's broken.

I gotta say that the hardest thing about this install was finding a place to mount the amplifier. After that it was a breeze to wire up, and the power is coming from my 3rd fuse box in the rear. Right now it is simply connected to the speaker and power but later I plan on getting the horn ring, park kill, and aux enable(when I get my lighting) hooked up. All in all quite easy and if anyone has any questions (or tips on my remaining work) please feel free to comment.


On a side note, even though there no other vehicles on the road when I was testing, I still got an adrenaline rush from hearing those tones coming from my vehicle (bad thing?:bonk:)

On a tangent, is Whelen pronounced Weelen or Wailen, I've heard both....?
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