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So I’ve been lurking here, trying to soak up as much good info as I can, wearing out the search button in the process. I’ve also been studying dealer parts sites. By all means feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on this or that..

I recently got a SAAB 9-7X 5.3i with just under 130k, and I’d like to freshen up some/all of its suspension bits.. get it handling like new, and keeping it all stock (for now). I’m rounding up parts, and my understanding is that the 9-7X shares the exact-same suspension parts as the SS. Is this correct? Also, from what I can find, the only OEM suspension parts that are different from the rest of the GMT360 platform are the springs (lower/stiffer), shocks/struts (stiffer), and the front/rear sway bars/bushings (thicker).

As far as the front/rear, upper/lower control arms, ball joints, end-links, airbags, inner/outer tie rods, those are all identical to the rest of the (lesser) GMT360 models, correct?

Any insight (I know aftermarket is king lol) towards confirming this would be greatly appreciated, as it would do wonders for me as I try and create an accurate OEM parts list. Thanks again!
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