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Hello all of you guys...:excited:
I've been trought this for 6 moths (since I bought the truck)
Iddle speed (Park or Drive) (A/C on or off) change from 650 to 950 RPM apparently without a reason.
Some days it is just right, some others I have to be carefull with brakes (if I'm driving in heavy traffic) because is hard to stop 3.800 Lbs. when Iddle speed is in 950 RPM in drive gear.
Besides temperature rise up to 3/4 of gauge if I drive under this condition with A/C on.
I have replace Fan-clutch, Complete Cluster, ECT is working OK, Throttle Body Cleaned, IAT sensor is fine so MAP too.
Don't know what else Can it be...:duh:
I will really appreciate any idea, tip or help with this issue...:hail:
Saludos desde Venezuela....:tiphat

Carlos Martinez

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Usually a bad sensor will throw a code. You did not mention the Check Engine Light, so I assume it is not on.

You have an 04, if the PCM program is the original, maybe having the gm dealer upgrade it with the newest program parms will help.
Around here, they usually charge one hour labour for the re-flash.
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