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What Do I Do When My Baby Dies

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I have a 2003 GMC Envoy that I bought in 2003. It has 160,000 miles of reliable use. I like it because it is a comfortable (6' 4") road truck but I have also used it in the sand on the coast and tow my boat. I will really miss her. She is not dead yet, but the end is on the horizon.
My issue is - what do I replace her with? My wife has forbidden me to buy a truck, so that is out. I don't want a big SUV like the Yukon or Expedition. I have investigated every mid size crossover and have yet to find one that meets my needs. The two exceptions I've considered are the Toyota 4Runner and the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The 4Runner is a carbon copy of the Envoy for the most part, but I would like to get a little more mileage. The Jeep has such a bad reputation for reliability that I'm afraid to buy one. So far, the Kia Telluride would be my choice if I had to buy one tomorrow, except there are so few available now - especially rigged to tow. I don't plan to buy until my baby decides to die, but I would like to know in advance what my options are. That way I can do some research and test drives before forking out $50-$60. A month or so ago I test drove a Telluride and they wanted $15K OVER MSRP. They had 2 on the lot. I hope my baby will hang in there until the inventory situation gets resolved, if it ever does
Long winded way of asking for help choosing my next girl.
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I currently have an '09 Trailblazer with 220,000 that I'm looking to replace. I have been searching for another Trailblazer or an Envoy but with the 5.3l engine. If I were you that's what I would do. I think they are very versatile and obviously offer good reliability if they are taken care of. Plus they are alot less money than some of the alternatives out there, especially in today's market.

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just hit 10 years a few week ago with my 03 LT she has 133,000 miles on her. Im hoping for another few years then im gonna look at tahoes. I want a v8 and they get the same milage if not better then what jm getting now. I usually only drive it a few times a month. We take it camping or I haul my fourwheeler with it.
I'm on active search for another '05-'08 Sierra-Crew K1500 HD, 4WD, Z80, 6.0, Bose w/Sub, matching shell, leather, full creature-comfort, Hearse-tint rears, Auto HVAC, moderate mileage, no leather cracks, no burn marks,

I'll prolly swap the Kevlar bulletproof padding from the TB to the K1500 too.

I'll add another MTX575 w/a NMO Mag-Mount and perhaps a full length roof rack, ending on the shell for my canoe.

Anyone? Red is preferred.
No black.
I hate black.
I'll never have another black guitar, black car, black dog.

The reason for wanting the P/U? The TB has lousy cup holders. Truth. But Imma gonna keep the TB anyway.
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The TB has lousy cup holders. Truth.
"Lousy" may be an understatement. Pure sh*t w/corn/peanuts/red spots/ and goo, might be approaching the "fair and balanced" description of TB/Envoy cup holders. It's proof that engineers hate everyone almost as much as they hate technicians.
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