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2008 chevy trailblazer_ss_3ss
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brand new to the forum!... 08' stock everything w/ 96K miles

I would smash the pedal to the medal on the highway (just under 80mph) and very rarely would it try to shift into 1st and over rev. (happened maybe 3 times) well it did it again except now im having problems! 2nd gear itself started to slip and now it completely skips that gear. I drop it into manual 2nd but its driving in 1st...

I know theres more parts in an automatic transmission than there are in 2 human bodies:x but would it be anything that can be repaired? I read on a site about a shift solenoid but I can see that part acting as protecting 2nd from getting more damaged:worried:
is it time for the dreaded rebuild? by the way, warrranty went out the door at 87K.
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