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2004 Chevy TrailBlazer LS
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Went from code P0014 to P0016 in 3 days


Hello all, I hope this is where I need to be to get an answer for my question. I was having some serious performance issues, ie low power, stalling, and sluggishness, until it finally threw a code, P0014. I addressed it by replaceing the Cam Timing Selonoid, and changing the oil. While I was at it, I needed to change the plugs any how so I did that to. When all was said and done and the code cleared, my TB ran the best it has in the last couple of years. All was well until yesterday, when I got another code, P0016. Although, it is still running very good, it isn't running as well as the previous couple days. After reading that the Timing chain and gears are in it for the long haul and rarely need replacing until much later on, What should I do now. Are the Cam Timing and Crank sensors bad as well? How can I tell which one is bad so I don't just hit miss mechanic this thing? Any help will be greatly appreciated. There are 167,000 miles on my '04 TB.

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