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If you recently purchased a Trailblazer SS/Envoy/SSR high flow fuel pump kit from Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (or our kit from one of our jobbers), please contact us or the jobber you purchased the kit from.

GM has an error in the part system for the Trailblazer and SSR fuel pump modules and the wrong part number is listed for the fuel pump module O-ring seal. We shipped several batches of fuel pump kits with the wrong seal.

If you received an "H" shaped fuel pump module seal from us in a GM parts bag labeled with the part number 22672293, this is the WRONG fuel pump module seal. Do NOT use this seal. Please contact LPE and we will send you the correct seal. The correct GM part number for the seal for 2005-2007 vehicles is 22682111.

We do not know what the incorrect seal does fit or if it could cause any safety related problems if it were to be used so DO NOT USE THE H SHAPED SEAL. If you installed that seal, please replace it with the correct fuel pump module seal.

If you know of another place I should post this information, please feel free to copy my post and post it elsewhere or email me/PM and I will post it.


Jason Haines
Project Director
Lingenfelter Performance Engineering
[email protected]
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