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I've wanted to do this since I got my custom Sony XPLOD stereo, but have held back for various reasons. At this point I am now committed to doing this, but I have a few questions as I am a complete novice to something like this.

1: Does anyone know the RMS for a 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer? I cannot physically check mine because it is in the shop and I won't be receiving it till probably the end of the month. However, I'd like to order the parts now so when I do get it I can begin working on it immediately. I've worked on Doors before by replacing a rear window motor in a door.

2: Is it possible/easy to replace the 3.5 inch ones in the dash? I know that they exist due to some research, but I know nothing of replacing them, or if I should just hold off since I'm a novice.

3: Does anyone have recommendations for new speakers? I want to replace all the doors if possible, and as said, my stereo is a SONY XPLOD with iPod hookup. Recommendation for sites/Brands/specific models welcome.

Any help appreciated. My current setup is just the stock speakers. Thanks.

P.S. EDIT: Anyone have recommendations on how to place or where to place Subwoofers? I tend to often actually put down the rear seats and use them for transportation and put them up and transport people, so would something on the sides work?
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