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Front End Squeak when braking

I have the exact same problem with my 2002 Envoy. So far, no car place has been able to pinpoint. I've replaced the sway bar end links and the passenger outer tie rod end to no avail. I suspect the sway bar bushings, but see no evidence of wear. Tonight I used a little penetrating oil just to see if I could get it to quiet down. Didn't work... One thing I think I may have noticed is that it seems to get worse as the car heats up? I've driven it a couple times when it seemed like the sound went away? That makes me think that something is heating up and expanding, and then grinding??? The other thought is maybe it has to do with the control arm bushings? I'm out of ideas, but would love to hear some of yours. If you are able to find out, please post it and let me know.


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