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Very quick and simple possible solution for HVAC control and Calibration

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I'm hoping this will help a few folks with HVAC/calibration issues. I recently had the control module to my heater motor fry. Upon fixing it I quickly realized I had other issues. The HVAC unit would only blow hot air on my feet and it would not switch to any other position. I went through many many different recalibration processes and non helped one bit even the most common one of temporarily pulling the HVAC B fuse. I was told from someone that I needed a new mode actuator and possibly the 2 actuators that control the temps. WRONG... I purchased a mode actuator but was unable to install it because I could not get around the adjustable pedals. Thank God I wasn't able to because it was not the problem. I gave up and decided it is what it is and I was going to leave it. A little while later I discovered that my cruise control was dead. When I researched that a bit I stumbled upon an interesting discussion. It turns out the cruise control is tied to the HVAC1 10a fuse under the rear seat. I replaced that and to my surprise, not only did I have my cruise control back I also got back full control of my hvac system. Both hot/cold adjustments, A/C, the vent selector and everything. No calibration was needed as it was an instant fix. I have the automatic control unit with the digital numerical display and I don't know if it's the same for others but if you are having unresolved issues please check that fuse first before putting money into it. Now I'm stuck with a brand new $100 mode actuator from the dealer when all I needed was a fuse.
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