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This is all in the name of theory and total BS'ing around but how brutal do you think a road trip from Indiana to Juneau, AK would be in a Trailvoy?
I was playing around with Google maps and mapped out a trip to Juneau (my dad, in jest, always threatened to send me there if I didn't behave more often)

The distance itself shows to be just shy of 3,200 miles and the payoff would be a nice flight to the Glacier Bay national park (very nice looking photos on their website).

IF I was ever to take this thought seriously and actually attempt to make a trip up there, how much punishment would that be on a TB such as my own? What kind of things would my truck need to be prepped for (would I REALLY need snow tires?)

Any and all thoughts comments and concerns about the "things to watch out for" or whatever are welcome. :grouphug:
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