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I "am" reviewing the numerous and HELPFUL threads about the 'actuator motor' and the vent modes, blowing air, etc...

Have just THREE questions:
I have 'dual mode' '02 Tblzr (4whldrv) and do NOT hear any clicking sounds - the drv side vents blow ONLY hot air, even with A/C on... not even outside air comes thru drv side...pass side normal > DOES this sound like bad acct motor?

If it is not the actuator, what would the 'next best' bet be as to cause? Battery reset needed? Etc. HVAC FUSE on '02 IS WHERE (back seat???)

This battery disconnect occurred after PCM removal - anyone experience such a failure after disconnecting the battery?

Thanks very much.

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Ive read several threads...
I think it may be necessary to pull the HVAC fuse.
wait a while.
then put the fuse back in-
I dont remember if the key is left in the ON position or NOT.
Because then you should hear the motors begin to Zero out... as they find the max and min positions for the doors.
when this is going on- you dont want to touch any controls...

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I left the key off. Pull the HVAC B fuse and wait about ten seconds. Make sure the HVAC system is all off. Put the fuse back in, turn the key on but don't start it, and turn the HVAC control on. You should hear the actuators run as they reset. Don't touch nothing and wait a few minutes. Then see if the issue is resolved. If it isn't it is probably the driver's side temp actuator.
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