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After the woes of strapping my home made cedar canoe to the top of the Denali with stock cross bars, I decided something heavier duty was needed. Had a hard time keeping my canoe centered on the stockers; it slides easily. Also, they had way too much flex. Looked like they would break at any moment.

I ended up getting the VanTech cross bars with sliding eye hooks, rated at 150# per bar, $200 with shipping.

Packaged very well:

The contents:

The hardware:


I put the brackets on first, tightened them down at the extreme ends of the rails, front/back. Then I slid the bars into place and measured them for center while tightening. Very easy install. It was about 45 minutes total install time from box to finished, including pictures. Only tool needed was an end-wrench. About 15-20 minutes of time just making sure they were centered.

Overall, I really like the construction. They stand up a bit more than I would like and have a noticeable whistle going down the highway. I'll probably take them off and use the stock bars for everyday driving, only putting these on when I need to haul the canoe or something heavier.

Edit: Let me know if pics are showing. Picasa is a pain sometimes...
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