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Upgrading Sound System on 06 TB

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I'm new to the whole sound system scene but I was wondering if any of yall have any opinions or comments on my plan.

I have a 2006 Trailblazer with a stock, non Bose, speaker system. Since tomorrow is Black Friday, I was planning on taking advantage of all the deals. I am planning on upgrading all of the door speakers instead of adding the box to my trunk. I'm mainly looking for sound quality over loudness. My budget is limited to about $500.

For my upgraded dash unit, I am planning on getting this Kenwood KDC-MP342U:

For my upgraded door speakers, I am planning on getting these JL Audio VR525-CSi speakers:

If I do this, will I also need to buy a new amp to push these to their full power?

Thanks in advance to all of the responses!
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if u want to push them to there full power, which you would get better sound out of them that way, then yes I would reccomend a 4-channel amp, dont know if it will be in your budget though, also front door speakers are 6 1/2" speakers and you can get 6 1/2" in the rear doors too
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