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Upgrading Sound System on 06 TB

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I'm new to the whole sound system scene but I was wondering if any of yall have any opinions or comments on my plan.

I have a 2006 Trailblazer with a stock, non Bose, speaker system. Since tomorrow is Black Friday, I was planning on taking advantage of all the deals. I am planning on upgrading all of the door speakers instead of adding the box to my trunk. I'm mainly looking for sound quality over loudness. My budget is limited to about $500.

For my upgraded dash unit, I am planning on getting this Kenwood KDC-MP342U:

For my upgraded door speakers, I am planning on getting these JL Audio VR525-CSi speakers:

If I do this, will I also need to buy a new amp to push these to their full power?

Thanks in advance to all of the responses!
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i didnt see anything that was really that nice, in the adds today.

i would wait till cyber monday and see what all the websites are going to do. im sure someplaces like sonicelectronix and wooferetc are going to have some neat stuff for sale.

and i agree, you will need an amp for the speakers.
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