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You are going at this exactly right.

Once you have the new shocks and end links on, it will be a different truck! (See if she then doesn't want to drive it ALL the time!)

As for the bar, you can look at a Hotchkis bar for the rear (the front is just fine stock) and you will get more neutral handling around corners but don't forget that a bar has no effect in straight-line handling.

I put mine on because I know fully well the difference between understeer and oversteer and I was looking for more neutral dynamics in corners and in sudden swerves.

BUT the effect is subtle, and will most appeal to good drivers who appreciate more neutral handling and can handle the lessened understeer. (Vehicles come from the factory with a lot of built-in understeer for a reason - this is the safest handling for the average driver.)

You need to ask yourself if you want to spend money on a very subtle difference in the handling and if the main driver would even notice the difference.

If you do decide to go for a stiffer rear bar that lessens understeer (which is why there is not much sense going to a stiffer front AND rear bar on a vehicle that inherently understeers anyway!) don't worry about it in the winter. Firstly, the effect is subtle and won't affect driving on snow or slippery roads at all.

Secondly, if someone is going that fast in a corner on a slippery road where the sway bar actually does have an effect, they probably shouldn't be driving anyway!


Good luck and let us know the improvement when you are done.
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