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2005 gmc envoy_sle_xl
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Previous issues:
Silver Envoy- Wife's truck
-Third row would not fold down
-replace drivers side rear shock
-fuel sending unit went out (gauge read "E" when full)
-AC Blower stopped working (You never know how much you need defog until you don't have it)
-Rear hatch lock broken

Red Envoy - My truck
-AC blower inop on #4 only
-Power steering pump shaft broke (that was fun to drive)
-drivers door window switches shorted out (no window control and crazy power locks)
-Speedometer not displaying correct speed
-New fuel sending unit (didn't fix problem)

New problems:
1. getting another new gauge cluster to fix gas gauge problem
2. AC blowing hot air
Cluster is ordered and should be in this week. Dye and recharge done to AC to find leak. Sometime this week I will make my next trip to the shop. I would be up a creek without my warranty!
Even with all the problems, I still love my truck!

2003 chevy trailblazer_ls
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the Resistor pack needs to be replaced on your truck (to get all 5 blower speeds working again)

cheap and easy DIY fix

Speedo needs new servo motor
there was another member here who replaced his fuel pump/level sender- and still didnt show correct fuel.
then he bought the stepper motors on ebay for like $10- and in 45 minutes repaired his fuel gauge.... to some--- the 45 min and $10 parts are alot nicer than the downtime- and aggravation caused by having the WHOLE cluster ordered replaced-- ordering removal, reprogramming, putting decal on your car, waiting some more- not having car etc...
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