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2003 chevy trailblazer_lt
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Ok I have always had some kind of noise from the transmission on this thing, it has 170K miles on it 2003 TB I6 2WD. However, today I was driving with a Uhaul tandem axle on the back with about 200lbs of load in it (just some furniture) and I had to put the transmisssion from (D) to (2) while I was going downhill around about 40mph (give or take).

Now I have this whistling noise that only happens around 2000 RPM only at any speed. This does not happen while in park or neutral. It will happen in (D) (2) (3) if I select those.

Any ideas what this could be? Do you suppose it is time for a rebuild? I take great care of the transmission, it has Synthetic fluid in it and a new filter less than 10K miles old.

Any help appreciated. Thank you
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