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Transmission swappable

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So I know my transmission is going to crap out on me soon. Slight rumble at mid-high rpm, clutch material in the last fluid change, and a code for tranny slippage when I travel at highway speeds for about 30mins. Also aggressive shifting after the code pops up.

I'm curious as to what transmissions are interchangeable. I read a thread where people were talking about swapping to a 4L80e. I know they are a tad longer and from what I've read, not plug and play. I've also read about people swapping to a 700r4 (I believe that's what it's called).

Does anybody have the knowledge of what transmissions are interchangeable with ours, if any? If I were to upgrade should I go that route, or just upgrade the internals of the 60?
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I've towed a boat behind my '04 for years and pulled more than my share of U-hauls with all the college moves for my kids over the years. I have no complains with the 4l60 and I'm at 230k miles. The only thing I've done is install an auxiliary cooler early on.

If and when I have issues with my 4l60, I would rebuild it, which should last longer than I would need it to.
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