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Transmission swappable

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So I know my transmission is going to crap out on me soon. Slight rumble at mid-high rpm, clutch material in the last fluid change, and a code for tranny slippage when I travel at highway speeds for about 30mins. Also aggressive shifting after the code pops up.

I'm curious as to what transmissions are interchangeable. I read a thread where people were talking about swapping to a 4L80e. I know they are a tad longer and from what I've read, not plug and play. I've also read about people swapping to a 700r4 (I believe that's what it's called).

Does anybody have the knowledge of what transmissions are interchangeable with ours, if any? If I were to upgrade should I go that route, or just upgrade the internals of the 60?
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No respect to any other forum members, but I love how the answer always seems to be, "spend money and rebuild it". I wasn't poor growing up but I definitely wasn't rich. In my humble opinion, too many answers fall along these lines..I dont know what you guys do for a living but paying big money,(big, in my opinion) to rebuild things isn't always possible. If it's possible for you because you have the money, more power to ya, and bless ya, but a lot of us won't go that route, CANT go that route.
If rely on myself and friends to do something this involved, and something goes wrong . . . ? I can't afford to do it twice? Neither the friendships, time, money, or even having the vehicle tied up again?

My friends own the shops I take it to. How did they get to be friends? We were each others customers. The old, stop in with coffee and doughnuts when you haven't needed their services for a while, and being retired, they don't use mine still work.

Relationships still account for something. Even in this day and age of seemingly selfish times.
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