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I posted later on. You are all in luck! Im going to do mine tomorrow but I have been looking over the info I received (Chiltons Manual) and although it doesn't cover little details it seems pretty straight foreward.
Of course it starts with dis connecting the battery. for the next steps you will need a small metric socket, phillips screwdriver and a couple slot blade (regular) screwdrivers.
Take out the inside compartment in the console (6 Philipps screws) at first I couldn't see the screws (all of them) untill I took the little rubber inserts out.Lift out the compartment. Now, under that compartment there are two small screws with metric heads, I just used my 1/4" socket set with two long extensions, now, you have to remove the two cup holders in front and you will find two more metric headed screws (something the Chilton left out).
Next, using the small star end on a nut driver handle, remove the set screw in the base of the shifter knob (drivers side) and remove the knob and shift boot. Next, remove the console, you might have to un plug some of the wires I'm not going to unless I really have to! Now the end of the shift cable will be visable in front of the shifter.
Make sure the shifter in the Park position.
Jack up the car (I call my TB a car?) and make sure it isn't going anywhere by placing blocks in back of the rear wheels. Time to get grimey! crawl under and locate the cable end at the transmission, and using a flat blade screwdriver, seporate (pry) the end of the cable off the end of the trans lever (which has a locking ball on it) then next the cable assembly will be held in a bracket, you have to locate a clip near the end and pry it down to free the cable from the bracket. Now follow the cable to where it enters the floor, there is a rubber boot (part of the cable) the pushes out under the carpet.
You might have to pry up the pieces on the drivers door entrance to free up the carpet. Next, you use a screwdriver (Slot head) to pry the cable off of the shifter end (should have a retaining ball like the trans did). Pull the cable out and get ready to put the new one in.
Installation should go reverse of the removal with the exception of making sure the shifter inside is in park as well as the transmission lever.
You will notice a small clip (trans end of the cable) with with a sliding locking clip. this should be down untill you get the cable hooked up then press it up and slide the lock over it. DONE! (except for putting it back together)
Hope this helps anyone having to do this job.

Bruces 57
I just got finished putting a new cable in on our 2003 TrailBlazer.

I have to credit you, Bruce 57 with an outstanding description of the process!

Thank you for taking the time to put that all down in a post.
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