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transmission line replacement

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Wondering if anybody has replaced the trans cooler lines on a 4wd tb,the rear sections look a tight to try to get to. Great site btw love all the info on it.
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To replace the rear (trans connection) lines, dropping the rear crossmember on the trans is supposed to make it easier to get to.

One of my lines wrapped in heat resistant material, right next to the cat con, rotted last month and started to leak. I had a friend of the family who owns a trans shop splice in a piece for me (metal with compression fittings NOT rubber line). Inspecting the rest of my trans cooler lines, the pieces that snap into the fan shroud up front are both rotted and probably next to start leaking.

A call to my local GMC Dealership revealed each piece (4 total) is about $25-$31/each.
Found a much easier way, just peeled the carpet back on the passangers side and made a cut in the floor, only took about an hour :thumbsup:
I just did mine 04 LS 4x4 and it was by far the worst job I have ever had to do. No room for anything and just plain tiring. The crossmember needs to come out and if you drop the down pipe you have a lot more room to work. Get all new fittings (trans and radiator side) because they will probably be siezed. I just cut sections out a bit ata a time to get them out. Also make your first cut the return line by the radiator and you can flush out most of the fluid before. I also serviced the trans and there was less than a quart in the pan when i dropped it. Total it took 9 quarts when i refilled it. One last note, get a can of PB blaster and soak everything down, muffler nuts, down pipe nuts, cross member bolts. that's my .02
Are the lines available aftermarket? What are the fittings, what for tool do I need to get them apart?
And I really think a lift is almost mandatory!
Are the lines available aftermarket? What are the fittings, what for tool do I need to get them apart?
Yes, Dorman makes them, all 4. Most auto parts stores can get them. HTH, Bill.
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