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Ya know --- I've never replaced one on a 4.2 in a TB/Voyager - and some vehicles can be really miserable and some are a straight shot and easy-peasy.

I'm thinking that our vehicles are gonna be hard to do - and why not? Because everything on them is so compact and seems to be covered by layers of other parts and components that it takes an act of God to make some repairs.

Here's a possibility for you - and I don't know why you want to replace your tube but it must be some really bad catastrophe for you to need to ask - there is a replacement tube that is flexible and is very easy to install.

All you've gotta do is get the old one out - destroying it in the process likely - and then put the new flexible one back in and one bolt and it's done.
► I haven't seen one of these flex-tubes and indicators in a few years - they were made by Cal-Custom when I was in the biz.​

Can you tell me why you want to go through this exercise?
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