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I am getting ready to change the filter/fluid in the trans on the TB I purchased recently with 100K miles. I am considering different options and would like some input. I can:
1) Simply drop pan and change fluid/filter with mobil 1
2) do above and a pcm4less tune
3) take to a shop and add a shift kit along with filter/fluid change.

My primary objective is longevity and possibly improving mpg. I don't do any towing, but want to keep that option open for light towing. If I go with the pcm tune, does that overide changes done with a shift kit? Does either one improve how the torque converter locks up?
If you recommend a shift kit, can you tell me the kit number or info so I can do some further research. I have seen some on the Superior website and also the Transgo site.
Great site and you guys have already helped me out alot.
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