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Got this idea from another forum and thought it might be fun...

I will start by saying what to photo your Trailvoy with. The person who gets the photo desired sets the criteria for the next hunt. The rules are flexible so got an idea, suggest it. If this is no fun, well... then let it die

5 day time limit. Once the time for the hunt has expired, it's two hunts at once. An old unclaimed hunt can always be resurrected later if wanted.

Some clarified requirements to keep the thread moving smoothly:

1) all pics must contain your Trailvoy as part of the photo
2) only real personal pics accepted unless otherwise stated
3) no fulfilled repeat requests (harder as thread gets longer)
4) refrain from requesting a single city specific item
5) refrain from "best/worst pic" requests
6) first person to fill request is the winner
7) winner has 48 hours to initiate a new request
8) after 48 hours of no new request, next member to post may fulfill request
9) previous requestor initiates a new request after 5 days of no new winner

Lets start it off with: Your trailvoy next to a piece of heavy machinery i.e. front end loader, backhoe, excavator, etc.

Then whomever gets this picture first can pic the next hunt and go on from there, if you guys like this idea...

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This was the best shot I good get due to the fact I was sitting illegally in a construction zone :D. I had to face my TB towards the front loader in order to get the pic.


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This was a good idea and it's going nicely.

With that said, here's a thought...

There's nothing in the rules about the picture itself. Specifically, when it was taken. The whole idea behind a scavenger hunt is to go out and find something. If people post pictures they already have, it kind of defeats the idea. :m2:
To make this more interesting, you might want to add a rule that the picture must not already exist. Just a suggestion. :yes:

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Like this?
FAIL! :raspberry

You need to post the next subject too!!! :thumbsup:

[Edit]Is there a limit to the age of the pic or do they have to be new(er)? I've seen some of these before.... [Beaten to it... LOLz]

I think there shouldn't be a strict limit because then you blur the line between this one and our Photog contest.... I figure, if you've already shot it, it should qualify. (ya still gotta find it in your collection of pics!!)
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