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trailvoy newsletter issue

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Hey everyone; i was not sure where to put this so that everyone could not see it but i noticed that with the news letter that i got in my e-mail there is a section with "latest threads" and it shows ALL latest threads; even platinum moderation staff only threads; not sure you want everyone to see that info. just letting you know. This is a copy and paste of what lates threads are currently showing up; and pretty sure a lot of these titles should stay private ( i used the admin tag to try and get your attention feel free to move the thread if you want)

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GREAT NEWS!! :rolleyes:

This newsletter has been a bitch since the start...

I will look into this. I made it a point to prevent whole sections from showing up in that area, but it seems like it either didn't work or I didn't do it right.

Thanks for telling me about it. I will look into it.
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