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Trailvoy flyer?

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hey guys,

I just had one of my members ask me if there was any kind of trailvoy flyer that they could print out and hand out, I did not know of one so just wondering if any of you knew of one? But i did think that it was a good idea and maybe something that we could make with the new toon image on it and post it like in the "members only" section, something that everyone could print out and post just soemthing general with like the site name and what we are about
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Hey Kevin....

I do not know of one but I am sure someone could come up with one.

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Not a bad idea:undecided Something the members could easily print and hand out.
Sounds like a pretty good idea.....Flyers could be very useful, not just for TV but also to have them for meets, they could be tweaked a little for use by the chapters too!
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