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Ya know ---- once you actually OWN and DRIVE a TB --- then you start seeing them all over the place - at least here in Montana where 4WD is a must.

But I see a hatbox full of them every day - same as I see a lot of Chevy Squares now that I have (partially) digested the name of "SQUARE" for them .......

... and I have a 1989 Isuzu Amigo - rare as hen's teeth - especially the '89 --- but when you have one then they seem to multiply like feral rabbits.
I second this. I bought one (2006LS) as a knock around car for trailer hauling and light offroading (4wd). Never heard of them until I bought it. Has turned out to be a great vehicle (5k miles so far). Now I see them all the time! And yes, most of them pewter like mine.
The,design is pretty clean. Has kind of a sensible, efficient, German feel to it. Not real fancy (mine anyway), not a luxury SUV, but that is not me.
I was amazed (and concerned) how sophisticated the engine is. 275? Hp from a 4 2 six? VVT? Fuel injection? Independent hi energy ignition? Pretty advanced. I just hope all those sensors and computers stay the course.
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