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Towing Question

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Good morning,

I have a 2002 Trailblazer LTZ with the 3.42 rear diff, RPO code GU6. I don't tow with it. I've never towed anything before aside from hitting my toe on the side of the coffee table for all eternity.

I'm looking to tow a 2009 Murano a couple hundred miles and want to make sure I understand everything and can do it safely. From what I can tell, I need information on the trailer hitch, the ball and the mount. I don't have a ball and mount yet.

I have pasted below a picture of the sticker on the trailer hitch currently installed.

Automotive tire Hood Fender Gas Bumper

The hitch ball and mount combo I'm looking at is rated to tow up to 7,500 pounds. I'm going to be using one of those U-Haul automotive trailers that has the hydraulic braking system and a bunch of other safety features, as well as getting the necessary wiring for the trailer lights and the braking system. I have all that figured. It's the actual tow weight that is hanging me up.

I'm not sure if everything I have and will have will be enough to tow this POS Murano where I need to, which is why I'm here.

I'm hoping the experts can shine some light on this and help me determine if I'm trailering it or shipping it.

Thank you.


I have the following information from the manual based on the 3.42 rear axle ratio:

Axle Ratio: 3.42
Max. Trailer Wt.: 5,400 lbs. (2 449 kg)
GCWR: 10,000 lbs. (4 535 kg)

Greek to me but I'm assuming max trailer weight is the weight of the trailer empty and GCWR is the weight of the trailer, the POS Murano being towed and whatever other cargo and passengers there will be. It'll be me driving solo.
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You'll be fine.
I've got the same setup on my LS, the 3.42 axle ratio.
Used the U-haul tandem axle trailer to carry a 1970 Chevelle 300 miles with no issues.
Fuel economy will suffer! I think I got about 12.5 mpg on the trip.
Tandem trailers are a dream to pull - very stable.

I purchased a round to flat-4 electrical converter from either Harbor Freight or U-haul.

Naturally, since you will be near maxxed out, plan your braking ahead of time as your stopping distances will greatly increase from what you are used to. With surge brakes, the rule is press the brake and DO NOT LET UP or you will get whiplash. Also, with surge brakes, braking and swerving are a quick recipe for a very bad day.

Whatever you do, watch your speed because if you get into a situation going too fast and you swerve, your trailer may attempt to pass you and then you will be along for the ride.

Fortunately, the Trailblazer is set up for towing.
Just take your time and you'll be fine.
About the only time you'll be driving 55.
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