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Towing 1997 Fleetwood Mallard 26m

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I recently bought a fleetwood mallard 26m, Nada puts the dryweight at 4350.
My truck is a 06 Envoy 3.42 sle. Is this ok to tow as long as I get a weight dist hitch and elec brakes?
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Never go by the dry weight, that's the weight of the trailer with no options, and no propane in the tanks. The weight of the A/C, awning, gear, etc. must all be counted toward total weight. That includes the weight of everyone in your vehicle, the wife, kids, and the family dog. Its always best to use the trailer's GVWR as your number. Without more info, I'll go out on a limb and suggest that you will be pushing the capabilities of the truck, more important, I think you'll be overweight.

The GWVR is at 6300 I think this is a little high, because I think it takes into account having the tanks full of water and waste.
If you are going to be towing at the top end of your truck's capability, then I would strongly recommend an aftermarket transmission cooler, AND a complete transmission fluid change (fresh Dexron VI fluid) and new filter.

If you will be towing in essentially flat terrain, your 3.42 axle will probably be adequate, but if you are in hill, or big hill, country, you may find yourself struggling a bit.

Always tow in 3rd gear.

Just my :m2:
I have a 2004 TB with a 4.2; just bought a camper that is about 4,900 GVRW and the truck had it's boot full!

I keep seeing "TOW IN 3RD" mentioned alot, I did that and used up over 1/2 a tank of fuel running at 65MPH for an hour.
I now have a front tranfer case seal leak. (related or not???)

Is the OD and or lock up torque electrically controled? I don't have a "TOW" button like some pick-up's do, is it possible to install an electrical switch to turn off the lock up torque and keep the 4th gear?

I don't think that they come with a button as some trucks have. I will be towing this weekend and let you knonw how it work out in 3rd.
I look forward hearing that all went well, and prove I'm just paranoid.

I drove back at 50 to 60mph and was able to put it in D on long flat stretches and control the shift points with the throttle. Took a little longer but was much easier on the truck and fuel. Time is money

Happy camping
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