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I can't decide on 2 tire's. The General Grabber's AT 2 or Yokohama's Geolander's A/T-S. :undecided Any input would be greatfull.
I went to and found out that the General Grabbers A/T 2'S are on back order for 6 to 8 weeks and Discount Tire said they are no longer going to make them. Maybe comming out with a new tread pattern.With that in mind I think I'll go with the Geolanders A/t-S.

I have geolanders on my jeep. I purchased them because they have decent traction for all conditions and have been quiet on the highway.
I right now have the Geolander H/T-S and I'm very happy with these.But they are highway tires and I want A/t tires for offroading.(Like once a month when I have the time and money)

My next thing is what size to get:undecided I dont want to do the spacers so I been looking at 245/70/17 or 265/65/17 both will fit. The GEO A/t's in the 245/70/17 are LT a 10 ply. as for the other its a P standerd.
Please dont say you can only stay at a 30.5 overall dieameter. This is not true.
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