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I put a 3” leveling kit on my 2006 Envoy XL Denali this past week. I removed the Airbags and also installed the MOOG Z71 springs. The rear spacer is 2” but I’ve also ordered a 1” which I’ll probably swap to next week after the springs have a chance to settle. I used 1.5” adapters to fit 6x120mm wheels off of a Chevy (Can’t remember model) wheels and 255/65R18 tires. I can’t go lock to lock without contacting the front bumper cover (should be easy to trim) but I also make contact with the front rear wheel well arch but not as much.

I’m fairly certain I read on here you have enough room with a 3” lift to fit 32” tires. I’m curious if this is do to Denali Trim package and running boards.
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