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Tilting mirors!

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No matter what I do I set the passenger to tilt down(which works fine)but when it goes back to reg position it always goes up higher and points up to high(see the trees)I've reset it 1,00o times and every time it goes way up.I even push the mirror down with fingers and hear it clicks and looks fine till I go in revers and goes down right were I want it,but then goes right up to the sky when I go into drive,park or off.:confused::crazy:
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Sounds like you have Curb Side Assist on, which makes the mirrors tilt toward the curb when you are in reverse. I'm unsure how you can make it move back to where you want it, but you can totally turn that feature off using your steering wheel controls. I had the same problem, and finally gave up, so I just turned it off.
Yes I do ,but I want it to work right.When it was in warranty ,dealer said there was a recall and the had to do something to the hardware.Just wondering if there is something I can do to fix it(love the feature!
From what I've read, it's a very common problem, which even affects the new tahoes, etc..., and hasn't been solved. I don't believe there is a recall for it, it's just a bunch of TSBs, which were issued to dealers by GM telling them different ways to fix it.
Back in 2002 the dealer said it was a recall on it(that was 7 yrs ago)They said the software had to be updated.And it worked fine up to a couple months ago.
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