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Hello All,

Well I would like to start of by thanking everyone on this GREAT site for sharing their knowledge. Without you guys/gals I would of never even attempted to replace my thermostat and ECT today (job still not finished) but out of the woods I think?

So to not make this to long of a read; I will jump right in. I start by taking off the serp belt, after that the bracket in front of the alt, then the alt itself (Man that third bottom bolt is the WORST!! who puts a rigid tube right there???) So finally have access to the ECT and thermostat. Ok things are looking up..... NOT. Snap!!! goes the ECT on my first attempt to unscrew it from the WORST spot ever. After totally freaking out, searching for a cheap rental car, and downing a six pack. I peak outside looking at my broken down TB in the driveway thinking about attempting to remove the other half of the ECT left inside of whatever part that it screws into (What is that part called anyway??). I decide to take a bike ride (AWESOME) up to Homedepot and NAPA to see what I might be able to purchase to remove this thing (when it broke of it wasn't even flush with the outside of the casing, it was a little reassessed, so wasn't looking too good). I ended up purchasing two different size reverse thread bits and a set of crowsfoot wrenches from NAPA in-case I had a chance to put the new ECT on). The bike ride home was grueling because all I could think about was if this didn't work...

Got home took out the first bit and WAAALAAA came right out!!!!!!. Used the crowsfoot 18mm to microscrew the new ECT in. And that is it for the day. All together only took about 9hrs.... Tomorrow I hope to put the thermostat on and get it all back together. We will see; But it cant go any worse then today!!!!!! Sorry for the bad grammar, knuckles and fingers are BEAT!!
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