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does your product stop the drls from coming on during the day, while still letting the auto-headlights work, at night?

That's what I want. Quad high-beams would be a nice bonus, but not super-important.

If so, how much?
Yes. Alternatively, if you a DIY guy--search on all of the 'Lancematic' diagrams that have been posted...if you want DRLs killed and a quad beam option.

All in all I have already done the hard work (wiring up relay and such) and made it so you just have to install the device.

If you want quad beams and no auto lights (see above post referenced by Bow tie SS).

Lastly if you want a 15 min install with easy instructions and easy install, then contact me at jetttstream AT

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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