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Hello! First off, I want to thank the members of this forum. I joined last year when I was experiencing an issue with a fan clutch, and I was able to fix it with a great "How To" I found on here. You guys are awesome!

On to my current situation:
2005 Trailblazer EXT LS
Standard 4x4 with 4.2L 6cyl
No mods. Everything factory
Kept in a garage overnight. Exposed to the elements at work (Might be important as it only happens in cooler temps)

Around March, the battery seemed to be draining while I was at work. Not every time, maybe once a week. I would attempt to start my car at lunch time, and the battery would appear to be dead. The battery light would come on, and I'd hear the "click", but it wouldn't start. After trial and error, I found that jiggling the ground wire and the connection wires would generate enough power for the TB to start. The battery, starter, and alternator were all checked and deemed to be in good condition. The posts are clean on the battery post, and the ground cable is tightened to the frame. (Worth noting that I have been experiencing an electric charge every time I exit the vehicle, which was not the case prior)

I didn't have the money to take it to a mechanic, and it was an intermittent problem that I couldn't replicate, so I dealt with the "fix" of jiggling the wires about once a week. The problem went away once it warmed up outside and I assumed the issue had magically fixed itself. :crackup:

Fast forward to last week. Weather has been cold enough for a jacket. Car wouldn't start on my lunch break. Battery light didn't appear - the car was absolutely dead. To top it off, the key was now stuck in the ignition. Jiggling the wires didn't work. Jumped the battery, key released, and everything was fine. Until today when I came out for lunch. Car was seemingly dead, key became stuck in the ignition, and I could hear a low buzzing noise coming from underneath the hood when the key was in the "on" position. It started right up with the jumper cables. I had the battery, starter, and alternator checked again and those are fine.

**On a side note, battery being "dead" seems misleading because it is fine after the initial jump. It doesn't require any time to charge; it starts right up. These are the results from today:
Voltage: 12.59V
Measured: 616 CCA
Rated: 600 CCA
Temp: 84*

I'm leery to take it to a mechanic as I can't reproduce the issue, and I don't want to be charged the diagnostic fee in vain. I've read many horror stories online where this has happened, so I want to systematically try to fix the issue myself or at least pinpoint the issue and then take it to a mechanic.

Where do I start? My plan for the weekend was to test for a parasitic battery drain and possibly replace the battery cables, although they seem to be in good condition. Does anyone have any idea why I would only be experiencing this in cold weather? It seems that any electrical issue should be present during all weather conditions.

2006 chevy trailblazer_ls
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You spoke of a ground cable, which you "wiggle in order to get the T.B. to start.

Unbolt that cable from its body / frame ground attaching point, clean ALL metal surfaces thoroughly, then clean the cable eyelet, where the cable bolts to the ground source.

Because the key will not come out, it appears the solenoid for the ignition key release system is losing ALL electrical power, indicating a no-contact point.

CLEAN up the cable attaching point to the body/ frame..
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