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2005 chevy trailblazer_ls
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my first post here, ive had my 05 tb inline 6 for about a week now, i love it.

for one the, 5 speed s10s, are peppy little bastards compared to the autos.

i literally just came from owning s10s. lol, s10s are Slugggssss on the top end, the best i could get mine down to on the 1/4 was 16.6 at lame. the TB already has much more "seat dyno" speed lol.
My best time in a almost stock Blazer was 15.88. K&N, 2.5" mandrel bent Dynomax catback and no cat. In a 4 door Blazer. With 250k miles. Lol.

My truck pulls a lot harder than any stock truck I've been in. They feel mushy, for lack of a better word. No balls. My truck jumps when I hit the gas. Those just kinda went... Blah!

Haven't run either of the 05's yet. But I expect that they'll be much, much slower.
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