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the Roadie is right... these are all SEPARATE issues- and not connected to each other in any way--- they just happened to occur close toghether.

the fan- the resistor module is bad- its about $25 and takes about 15 minutes to change- theres a HOW TO on here somewhere.
No need for a mechanic on this one......

My battery died on me suddenly. was working fine- Cranked fine
I did notice my voltmeter needle moving a little back and forth...
I parked- went inside for 5 min. came out-- crank-- nothing- totally dead.
Went to get new battery-- VroooooM...

As for your fuel level sender....
There is a REMOTE possibility that running a bottle of Techron will help clean sulfur buildup on the contact points. A few have reported this works.. most say it does not- the side effect is that it cleans your injectors too.
If you know what your TB gets- MPG... then you can live with the bad sender..
just fill up--- reset trip meter- and use that to judge when youre running low.
If not- then depending on how many miles are on your TB-- you may want to replace the entire fuel pump/level sender.. (are you 100,000+)?
if not then you may want to do what others on here have done and do the work themselves.
Ill thell you-- that My sender was not bad- nor was my fuel pump--- but at about 134,000 I decided to drop my tank and replace the fuel pump/level sender.
the price was about $350 to do it myself.
I called dealer out of curiosity- and they quoted me $1200.
If you do plan on doing this yourself- or mechanic--- drive the vehicle till its practically running on fumes... dropping a tank that is full of gas is not fun.
I drove mine for about 35 miles AFTER the light went on...
sure enough I dropped a tank that had very little fuel in it... this made for easier manipulation of the tank...

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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