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Sunroof Calibration Help Needed Please!

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I posted this on an old thread thinking that maybe someone would see it that involved in the initial post, but it's been silent since I posted about 3 weeks ago. I had to replace some of the track pieces in the sunroof that were broken. When I put it all back together, I made sure to have the drill bits in the alignment holes before installing the motor. Put the assembly back up, and can't seem to get it to re-learn where the 'closed' position is. I've got the instructions that came with the kit from Sunroofdoctor, and I'm following them as far as I can tell. I took a video of both the instruction sheet and me trying it out. If anyone can tell me what exactly I'm doing wrong I'd greatly appreciate it. I can bump it up little by little to get it to the closed position, but I'd rather not put the headliner back up until it's fixed in case I have to take it back down. For those of you that have done it, you know it's a pain in the ass to remove and reinstall. Thanks again for the help guys!

Here's a video of me attempting the procedure with instructions:
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I need help too

2007 GMC Envoy, My sunroof opened but now will only move about 3 or 4 inches then stops. the glass appears to be jamming against the top of the track on the back half of the window. Any Idea how to get it to move forward?

I loosened the bolts that hold the sunroof on and that allowed me to get it to move to closed position. I was able to determine that the plastic "slider" thingy was broken, this allowed the glass to move up against the top of the truck and jam. I took the glass off and positioned the slide mechanism in the correct position (not an easy task) and put the glass back on and adjusted it in the hole. I then unplugged the switch and will leave it shut. We have very few days here in Texas that we can open the roof anyway.

Sure appreciate this site and thanks to you guys for your post which have helped me many times.

I am a Dude BTW:)
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