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Hello everyone im yet another "FNG" on this site, well ive been on it now for about 2 days now and love this whole forum thing its awesome. Ive learned so much about my TB and stuff that I want to do to it as well. Im currently interested in getting some low end power cause I haul an 87 iroc z28 camaro around and the I6 does alright but just need some more umph. So after reading some threads on here I decided to go ahead and order the pcm4less loaner so I can upgrade mine. Hopefully this will help. I am also waiting on a gibson cat back exhaust and CAI by some cheapy brand called hipropower from ebay....yeah I know probably not the best idea but I can modify it.

So this all should hopefully help with the whole power thing shouldnt it??
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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