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Hello everyone

I have a 06 trailblaze ext w/a six

I was drivng it and pulled into a driveway on a steep incline, When I backed up with the wheels turned sharply , i heard a loud banging realive to the wheel speed. would drive fine straight on. Wifes had the truck and driven it in auto almost since it was new,except in snow she uses 4hi.

The selector switch was in auto when this happened I got the truck home and tried switching between the options

4hi works
auto lights up but the truck still appears to be in 4hi by the way it drives
2hi will flash for a few seconds and then stop 4 hi then lights up
4lo will flash then 4 hi will light up
the 4 wheel service light is on intemittantly, didnt see a pattern

I am pretty sure its stuck in 4hi. One front wheel up in the air cannot be rotated.

new front axel disconnect installed-no noise(there wasnt with the original either)

checked volage on wires(with ignition on but TCEM was not running)

Brown wire on plug has 12v
blue has .08
black and white has .08
black is at .15

have pulled fuse #8 under hood and unplugged battery for about 15 min

Right now thinking
switch itself
front axel disconnect

If you need more info just ask - all i have is aobd2 reader-no 4wheel scanner

2004 gmc envoy_sle_xl
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First of all, driving in A4WD is not a good thing for the transfer case, using this mode should be avoided completely. Using A4WD will shorten the life of the internal clutches. Secondly, when was the last time the transfer case fluid was checked or changed. It is required to be changed every 50K miles.

To get more responses and great advice, try going to G M T N a t i o n . c o m / f o r u m s (no spaces), most of the experts from here went there.
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