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Stranded out of town...PLEASE HELP!!

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:bonk:I tuned up my TB this past weekend 165,000 miles on it. I drove from TN to Illinois yesterday and it did fine, even got about 24 MPG. Ran great, no trrouble what so ever. I got up this morning, started right up. I went back in the hotel, came out to start it to go somewhere, it started and ran rough for like 3 seconds then died and now I cant get it started. I switched relays, banged on the gas tank while having someone try to turn it over and nothing is working. Please help as I leave in a couple of days, thanks in advance!!
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get some quick start and spray it into the intake somewhere. IF it even attempts to start, then you know its likely a fueling issue. IF it doesn't do anything, you are looking at some electrical / computer firing issue.
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