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Stranded out of town...PLEASE HELP!!

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:bonk:I tuned up my TB this past weekend 165,000 miles on it. I drove from TN to Illinois yesterday and it did fine, even got about 24 MPG. Ran great, no trrouble what so ever. I got up this morning, started right up. I went back in the hotel, came out to start it to go somewhere, it started and ran rough for like 3 seconds then died and now I cant get it started. I switched relays, banged on the gas tank while having someone try to turn it over and nothing is working. Please help as I leave in a couple of days, thanks in advance!!
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What exactly did you do for your "tune up"? Which spark plugs did you use? (If you didn't use AC plugs, pull 1 out and check it). Also, maybe a clogged fuel filter?
I think you are going to need a code reader to assist with your solution.

-did the CEL come on before the engine died?

you could have any number of things going on.

-wish more help could be offered, sorry
Powerfreak....I used the AC Delcos 41-103's and I had the oil changed, cleaned the camshaft solenoid, replaced two coils, boots and air filter and put Lucas fuel treatment in it about a week ago. Could it be possible that the crap from the fuel tank that got cleaned out is clogging the fuel filter?

Wcosh.....the CEL hasnt and was not on at all :/.....where should I start. I pulled the plugs out last night and brought them inside to look at under the light. They are dirty but not bad, the only thing is that there is yellowish crud on the ceramic part of them. Looks like it was burnt on possibly. I am going to put them back in right now and check the ecm wires and all that. If the relay was bad and I switched it with the windshield washer one it would work temporarily right?
Do you have the "serviceable" fuel filter or the one in the tank?

I would try and determine if it's getting fuel and spark, and go from there.
I don't know, I have an 04' ext 4.2l. Im pretty sure it's getting spark, its turning over really well, its acring like its out of gas but its 3/4 full
I've herd many people have problems once they fool with the camshaft and/or crankshaft Solenoids.
I would go back and check all the electronic fittings of all the things you touched in your recent service
-check the connector on the camshaft solenoid...making good connection? none of the pins bent?

I am never convinced that a fuel filter would cause that kind of issue so fast.
The fuel today is really good quality.
i broke part of the platic wiring harness that goes to the camshaft solenoid and a tiny bit of the metal pin is exposed would a bad connection on that cause it to not start?
i mean not start all the sudden, even after it broke it has been starting fine for the last 2 weeks, but now it is not all of the sudden
if it was wet it might cause a concern.

I would suspect the items that were recently touched or removed and then reinstalled first.
I hear you when you say it was 2 weeks ago, but if it ran fine before....and it's not running now I would suspect the easy things first
I searched "no start" and there seems to be a number of threads that indicate a bad ignition switch can cause your issue.
get some quick start and spray it into the intake somewhere. IF it even attempts to start, then you know its likely a fueling issue. IF it doesn't do anything, you are looking at some electrical / computer firing issue.
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