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i was just wondering if anyone knows how much HP/TQ a stock transmission on the TV's can handle? the reason is with the camshaft, and headers coming in to the pic we dont wanna add these along with a tune and have to rebuild or replace the tranny. any help would be great!:thx

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2007 chevy trailblazer_lt
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Engine range: 2.9L - 5.3L
Maximum engine torque: 360 lb-ft (488 Nm)
Maximum gearbox torque: 610 lb-ft (827 Nm)
Gear ratios:
First: 3.06
Second: 1.63
Third: 1
Fourth: 0.696
Reverse: 2.29
Maximum shift speed: 1-2 6200 rpm
2-3 6100 rpm
3-4 n/a
Maximum validated gross vehicle weight: 7400 lb (3357 kg) (application & axle ratio dependent)
7-position quadrant: P, R, N, OD, D, 2, 1
P, R, N, OD, 3, 2, 1
Case material: die cast aluminum
Shift pattern: (2) two-way on/off solenoids
Shift quality: variable bleed solenoid
Torque converter clutch: pulse width modulated solenoid control
Converter size: 258,300 mm
Fluid type: DEXRON VI
Transmission weight: wet: 74 - 88.5 kg (163.2 - 195.0 lb)
application specific
Bottom pan removal: 10.8L (11.4 qt) (300-mm converter)
Pressure taps available: line pressure
Assembly sites: Toledo, Ohio
Ramos Arizpe, Mexico
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